Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Switching Github Branches with Hudson / Jenkins

Whilst pushing modifications to new github branch found that even although Jenkins / Hudson was checking out and building from the branch that I wanted - the build was failing when pushing back pom updagtes etc at the end.

Noticed when executing the git branch command it was switching back to the old branch during the build

Found the config.xml for the build - modified it to point the branches and localbranch parameters to the required branch. Ran it again - still no changes.

Found that you had to from the browser tell jenkins / hudson to reload its configuration from disk using the following

where [command] can be
  • exit shutdown jenkins
  • restart restart jenkins
  • reload to reload the configuration
Noticed that during build when running git branch command that the git was now pointing to the correct branch.

Probably the way I created this job / branch in the first place.

Anyway - notes for the future - when I invariably do this again...

Monday, 17 February 2014

Setting Up Multiple Instances of Tomcat 7

Spent the best part of a day configuring this - again - thought it would be useful to blog the high level configuration points. Lots of detail around how to do xyz with Tomcat - less info in how to organise the setup over all.

Key thing with this is to install firstly a working instance - get it operating out of the box. Concept after that is to effectively copy and paste and run each instance on its own port with its own JVM / memory settings.

I find this useful for setting a stable environment and allocating resources over different applications.

Each Application has its own "Web Application Directory" - mapped to by an appropriate XML file in the \Conf\ directory for that Tomcat Instance.

Each Instance runs as a windows service - the key to configuring the instance (once the directories are setup) is to go into that instance copy and

  • run the \bin\service install <instancename>.
  • run the \bin\tomcat7 //ES/<instancename> to configure the options such as

Its pretty easy to set this up when you know how. The concept is sound and works really well.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Trying it out

Moving from the old domino blog to something a bit more open and modern. Wanted to see how good / bad or whatever this is....